I first began working with clay while living in Brooklyn, NY in the early 2000s. After several years of working for potters around the city, I moved to Portland to study Ceramics at Oregon College of Art & Craft. In 2009 I came to Montana where I completed a two year artist-in-residence at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena. I fell in love with Montana, and after a short term residency at Red Lodge Clay Center, and a long term residency at the Clay Studio of Missoula, I decided to settle in Missoula where I recently finished building a home studio.

My work has been shown nationally and internationally, and has been featured in many books and magazines including American Craft, Pottery Making Illustrated, and Ceramics Monthly. In 2011 I was honored to be chosen as an emerging artist by Ceramics Monthly.

My designs are influenced by simplified abstractions of nature, children's artwork, folk art, mid-century modern forms and shapes, as well as patterns, textiles and historical pots.

I’m simultaneously attracted to worn surfaces which show the passage of time, as well as forms that are clean and simple, elegantly utilitarian. I pay careful attention to line, both in my drawings, as well as in the profiles or outlines of the forms themselves. I tend to work slowly, at first roughing out a form then refining it, first in the greenware stage, then again as I apply glaze and decorate. I am intrigued by the subtleties and imperfections found in handmade objects, and the way in which these marks reflect the maker of the piece.

A slight change in the profile or image on a piece creates a different mood or feeling. These subtle differences help determine whether a person will be drawn to one piece over another... so much lies in the details. Creating functional work interests me because these handmade objects leave my studio to become a part of somebody else's daily routine. I am interested in the personal connection and moments of quiet contemplation that handmade objects help to create. I am also really interested in the act of making and using handmade objects in a world where the handmade can often be overlooked for the more convenient and readily accessible.



      Post-Baccalaureate degree in Ceramics, 2004   Oregon College of Art & Craft,  Portland, OR
      BA in Sociology, cum laude, 1999  Boston University,  Boston, MA

      Workshop Instructor, 
American Museum of the Ceramic Arts  Pomona, CA  June 3-4th 2017
     Workshop Instructor,  Plinth Gallery  Denver, CO May 2-3rd 2015
     Workshop Instructor,  Potter’s Council Conference: An Altered Approach to Clay  Nashville, TN   September 13- 15th 2013
     Workshop Instructor,  Old Dominion UniversityNorfolk, VA  January 28- 29th 2013
     Resident Artist,  The Clay Studio of MissoulaMissoula, MT  July 2012- July 2014
      Resident Artist,  Red Lodge Clay Center  Red Lodge, MT  February- May 2012
      Lincoln Fellow,   Archie Bray Foundation  Helena, MT  2010
      Resident ArtistArchie Bray Foundation  Helena, MT  June - August 2009, January 2010 - January 2012
      Resident Artist, Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts  Asheville, NC  April 2007 - April 2009
      Resident Artist, Guldagergaard International Center for the Ceramic Arts  Skaelskor, Denmark  September- December 2004

       “4th Annual Juried Cup Show and Sale,” Studio 550,  Manchester, NH
       “Bloom,”  Clay Studio of Missoula,  Missoula, MT
       “Annual Holiday Show and Sale,”  Radius Gallery,  Missoula, MT
       “Dot, Dot, Dot…”
Plinth Gallery  Denver, CO
       “Creativity, Craft, Community and Change”  Baltimore Clayworks  Baltimore, MD
       “Meant for Use”  Schaller Gallery  St Joseph, MI                                                                                                                                                                                              
      “Spoon Me,”  Medalta,  Medicine Hat, Alberta, CA
      “Simple Cup Show,”  KOBO Gallery,  Seattle, WA
      “On the Horizon,”  St. Pete Clay,  St. Petersburg, FL
      “Red House Invitational,”  Red Lodge Clay Center,  Red Lodge, MT
      “50 From 6,”  Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery,  Cedar City, UT
      “The Teapot Show II,”  The Clay Studio of Missoula,  Missoula, MT
      “The ABCs of Dinnerware,”  Santa Fe Clay,  Santa Fe, NM
      “House|Hold,” The Clay Studio of Missoula,  Missoula, MT
      “Yunomi Invitational,”  Akar Gallery,  Iowa City, IA
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      “Functional Ceramics 2013,”  Wayne Center for the Arts,  Wooster, OH
      “Art of the Pot,”  Austin, TX
      “Floret,”  Schaller Gallery,  St. Joseph, MI
      “For the House and Garden,”  Pewabic Pottery, Detroit, MI
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      “Layered,”  Mudfire Gallery,  Decatur, GA
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      “NCECA Gallery Expo,”  Red Lodge Gallery at NCECA,  Seattle, WA
      “Courtney Murphy’s Pottery,”  Margo’s Pottery,  Buffalo, WY
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      “Pots at Rest,”  The Clay Studio of Philadelphia,  Philadelphia, PA
      “Hot Montana,”  Schaller Gallery, Benton Harbor, MI
      “Don’t Box Me In,”  The Signature Shop,  Atlanta, GA
      “Shop on the Square,”  Philadelphia Art Alliance,  Philadelphia, PA
      “Yunomi Invitational,”  Akar Gallery,  Iowa City, IA
       “White,”   Schaller Gallery,  Benton Harbor, MI
       “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Invitational,”   Armory Art Center,  West Palm Beach, FL
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      Bob & Peggy Culbertson Scholarship Award  Full scholarship for Penland School of Crafts workshop, Penland, NC  
     Honorable Mention “Juried Student Show” OCAC, Portland, OR